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povraćaj [ muški rod ]

clawback [ imenica ]
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(British) Finding a way to take money back from people that they were given in another way; claw-back

comeback [ imenica ]
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A rejoinder or quick-witted remark.
(In Sports) A return to contention, especially by a player or team that had been losing.
When people, organizations, companies, or sports teams overcome difficulties and become successful again, they make a comeback.
When a condition, problem, situation, or activity returns or greatly increases, it makes a comeback
a fashion or fad becomes popular again, it makes a comeback.

recidivate [ imenica ]
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rehabilitation [ imenica ]
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ETYM Cf. Late Lat. rehabilitatio, French Réhabilitation.
The restoration of someone to a useful place in society.

relapse [ imenica ]
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ETYM Cf. French relaps. Related to Relapse.
A sliding or falling back, especially into a former bad state; backsliding; the state of having fallen back.
A sliding or falling back into an illness after an apparent improvement; the state of having fallen back.
Worsening of a patient's condition during the course of recovery, or return of symptoms after a disease-free period.

retour [ imenica ]
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retransfer [ imenica ]
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Transfer again, convey again

return [ imenica ]
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A coming to or returning home; SYN. homecoming.
The act of returning to a prior location
The occurrence of a change in direction back in the opposite direction; SYN. coming back.
The income arising from land or other property; SYN. issue, proceeds, take, takings, yield, payoff.
A reciprocal group action; SYN. paying back, getting even.

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