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Prevod reči: povinovati se

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povinovati se [ glagol ]

Pokoriti se.

abide [ glagol {N/A} ]
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(Irregular preterit, past participle: abode)
To wait; to pause; to delay.
To stay; to continue in a place; to have one's abode; to dwell; to sojourn; -- with before a person, and commonly with or before a place.
To remain stable or fixed in some state or condition; to continue; to remain.
To tolerate

comply [ glagol ]
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To be compliant; go along with; act in agreement with; SYN. follow, abide by.

conform [ glagol ]
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To give the same shape, outline, or contour to; bring into harmony or accord
To be similar or identical; also; to be in agreement or harmony — used with to or with
To be obedient or compliant — usually used with to
To act in accordance with prevailing standards or customs

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