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Prevod reči: potpisati se

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potpisati se [ glagol ]

sign [ glagol ]
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Cross; to place a sign on or mark by signs; to represent or indicate by a sign
To affix a signature to; ratify or attest by hand or seal; to assign or convey formally; to write down (one's name); to affix one's name to
To communicate by making a sign or by sign language
To engage or hire by securing the signature of on a contract of employment — often used with up or on
To write one's name in token of assent, responsibility, or obligation
To make a sign or signal; to use sign language

subscribe [ glagol ]
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To adopt as a belief; SYN. stand, support.
To off to buy, as of stocks and shares:
To receive or obtain by regular payment; SYN. subscribe to, take.

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