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Prevod reči: potpisati

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potpisati [ glagol ]

affix [ glagol ]
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To attach or become attached to a stem word; of grammatical morphemes.
To attach to; SYN. stick on.
Add to the very end

affix one's signature to [ glagol ]
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autograph [ glagol ]
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To mark with one's signature; SYN. inscribe.

endorse [ glagol ]
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To give one's support or approval to;
Said of documents or checks: to sign in order to complete or to render valid.
To write on the back of; especially; to sign one's name as payee on the back of (a check) in order to obtain the cash or credit represented on the face; to inscribe (one's signature) on a check, bill, or note; to inscribe (as an official document) with a title or memorandum; to make over to another (the value represented in a check, bill, or note) by inscribing one's name on the document; to acknowledge receipt of (a sum specified) by one's signature on a document
To approve openly ; especially; to express support or approval of publicly and definitely; to recommend (as a product or service) usually for financial compensation

ratify [ glagol ]
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To approve and sanction; to make valid
Confirm, approve formally.

subscribe [ glagol ]
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To adopt as a belief; SYN. stand, support.
To off to buy, as of stocks and shares:
To receive or obtain by regular payment; SYN. subscribe to, take.

undersign [ glagol ]
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To sign at the bottom of (a document, for example).

underwrite [ glagol ]
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To guarantee financial support of.

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