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Prevod reči: potkošulja

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potkošulja [ ženski rod ]

semmet [ imenica ]
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semmit [ imenica {odevanje} ]
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undershirt [ imenica ]
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A collarless undergarment with or without sleeves

vest [ imenica {odevanje} ]
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ETYM Latin vestis a garment, vesture; akin to Goth. wasti, and Eng. wear: cf. French veste. Related to Wear to carry on the person, and cf. Divest, Invest, Travesty.
Sleeveless top, usually made of stretch cotton, jersey, or silk, which is worn as underwear or as part of a summer or sports outfit.
A man's sleeveless garment worn underneath a coat; SYN. waistcoat.

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