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porez [ muški rod ]

Deo prihoda od zarad ekoji se daje državi.

census [ imenica ]
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ETYM Latin census, from censere. Related to Censor.
(Homonym: senses).
A period count of the population; SYN. nosecount.
Official count of the population of a country, originally for military call-up and taxation, later for assessment of social trends as other information regarding age, sex, and occupation of each individual was included. They may become unnecessary as computerized databanks are developed.
The first US census was taken in 1790.
The data collected are used by government departments in planning for the future in such areas as health, education, transport, and housing. Most countries have a census of some sort. In the UK, a census has been conducted every ten years since 180Although the information about individual households remains secret for 1years, data is available on groups of households down to about 2(an enumeration district), showing such characteristics as age and sex structure, employment, housing types, automobile ownership, and qualifications held. The larger-scale information on population numbers, movements, and origins is published as a series of reports by the Office of Population Censuses and Surveys. The most recent census took place on April 1991.

cess [ imenica ]
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Chiefly Irish; luck — usually used in the phrase bad cess to you

duty [ imenica ]
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ETYM From Due.
The social force that binds one to one's obligations and the courses of action demanded by that force.
Work that one is obliged to perform for moral or legal reasons.
Moral obligation experienced as a felt commandment of the moral law. Moral conflicts occur where a number of duties make apparently irreconcilable demands on us.
The stoics in ancient Greece and Immanuel Kant in Germany (who coined the concept of the categorical imperative) are the moral philosophers who have placed greatest emphasis on duty. Duty is strongly emphasized in Confucianism (especially duty to the state and to ancestors) and in Japanese culture, where it is divided into obligations (on) that can and therefore must be repaid, and continuous obligations, such as those to parents and country.

excise [ imenica ]
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ETYM Apparently from Latin excisum cut off, from excidere to cut out or off.
A tax that is measured by the amount of business done (not on property or income from real estate); SYN. excise tax.
Taxes imposed on goods, usually considered luxury items or those items quickly consumed. The taxes are paid prior to sale, the cost being passed on to the consumer.
Among the most common excise taxes in the US are those on cigarettes, gasoline, and alcohol.

groundage [ imenica ]
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A charge on a ship in port.

imposition [ imenica ]
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ETYM French from Latin impositio the application of a name to a thing. Related to Impone.
An uncalled-for burden.
The act of imposing something (as a tax or an embargo); SYN. infliction.

impost [ imenica ]
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Something imposed or levied; tax
A block, capital, or molding from which an arch springs

landtax [ imenica ]
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levy [ imenica ]
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A charge imposed and collected.
The act of drafting into military service; SYN. levy en masse.

revenue [ imenica ]
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ETYM French revenu, Old Fren. revenue, from revenir to return, Latin revenire; pref. re- re- + venire to come. Related to Come.
That which returns, or comes back, from an investment; the annual, profits, interest, or issues of any kind of property, real or personal; income.
The annual yield of taxes, excise, customs, duties, rents, etc., which a nation, state, or municipality collects.
Money received from taxes or the sale of a product. Total revenue can be calculated by multiplying the average price received by the total quantity sold. Average revenue is the average price received and is calculated by dividing total revenue by total quantity sold. Marginal revenue is the revenue gained from the sale of an additional unit of output.

scot [ imenica ]
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Money assessed or paid

slash [ imenica ]
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A strong sweeping cut made with a sharp instrument; SYN. gash, slashing.
An open tract of land in a forest that is strewn with debris from logging (or fire or wind).

tax [ imenica ]
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ETYM French taxe, from taxer to tax, Latin taxare to touch, sharply, to feel, handle, to censure, value, estimate, from tangere, tactum, to touch. Related to Tangent, Task, Taste.
(Homonym: tacks).
Charge against a citizen's person or property or activity for the support of government; SYN. taxation, revenue enhancement.

tribute [ imenica ]
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ETYM Old Eng. tribut, Latin tributum, from tribuere, tributum, to bestow, grant, pay, allot, assign, originally, to a tribe, from tribus tribe; cf. French tribut. Related to Tribe, Attribute, Contribute.
Payment by one nation for protection by another.
Something given or done as an expression of esteem; SYN. testimonial.

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