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Prevod reči: pomoću

Smer prevoda: srpski > engleski

pomoću [ prilog ]

by dint of [ prilog ]
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By way of.

through [ prilog ]
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(Homonym: threw).
From beginning to end.
From one end or side to the other.
In diameter.
Over the whole distance.
Throughout the entire extent; SYN. through and through.
To completion.

trought [ imenica ]
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via [ predlog ]
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By way of
Through the medium or agency of; also; by means of

whereby [ prilog ]
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As a result of which.
By or through which.

by courtesy of [ prilog ]
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by means of [ prilog ]
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Through the use of.

thanks to [ predlog ]
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With the help of; because of

by [ prilog ]
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(Homonym: buy, bye).
So as to pass a given point; SYN. past.
In reserver; not for immediate use.

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