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Prevod reči: pokazati

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pokazati [ glagol ]

approve [ glagol ]
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ETYM Old Fren. aprouer; a (Latin ad) + a form apparently derived from the pro, prod, in Latin prodest it is useful or profitable, properly the preposition pro for. Related to Improve.
To give sanction to; SYN. ok, okay, sanction.
To judge to be right or commendable; think well of.

approw [ glagol ]
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point [ glagol ]
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To be positionable in a specified manner
To repair the joints of bricks; SYN. repoint.

demonstrate [ glagol ]
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ETYM Latin demonstratus, p. p. of demonstrare to demonstrate; de- + monstrare to show. Related to Monster.
To give a demonstration of; SYN. show.
To march in protest; take part in a demonstration; SYN. march.

display [ glagol ]
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To attract attention by displaying some body part or posing; of animals.

epiphanize [ glagol ]
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evince [ glagol ]
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To show in a clear manner; to prove beyond any reasonable doubt; to manifest; to make evident; to bring to light; to evidence.

exhibit [ glagol ]
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To show an attribute, property, knowledge, or skill.

manifest [ glagol ]
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To show plainly; to make to appear distinctly; to display; to exhibit; SYN. reveal, declare, evince, make known, disclose, discover, display.

prove [ glagol ]
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To be shown or be found to be; SYN. demonstrate, establish, show, shew.
To obtain probate of, as of a will.
To prove formally; demonstrate by a mathematical, formal proof.
To take a trial impression of.

reveal [ glagol ]
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To make clear and visible; SYN. display, show.

sample [ glagol ]
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To take a sample of; SYN. try, try out, taste.

show [ glagol {N/A} ]
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ETYM Written also shew.
(Irregular preterit, past participle: showed; or p.p.: shown).
To be or become visible or noticeable; SYN. show up.
To give evidence of, as of records.
To make visible or noticeable.
To show or demonstrate something to an interested audience; SYN. demo, exhibit, present, demonstrate.

wise [ glagol ]
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To give instruction or information to; teach — usually used with up
To become informed or knowledgeable; learn — used with up

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