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1. advocate


1. To plead in favor of.
2. Push for something

2. back


Sinonimi: endorse | plump for | plunk for | support

1. To be behind; support or vote for; SYN. endorse, plump for, plunk for, support.
2. To be in back of
3. To cause to travel backward
4. To shift to a counterclockwise direction, of the wind.
5. To strengthen by providing with a back or backing.
6. To support financial backing for
7. To travel backward

3. back up


Sinonimi: back off | back down

To move backwards from a certain position; SYN. back off, back down.
When you are explaining something, and you repeat something that you already said, you back up.

4. backstop


To act as a backstop, as in baseball.

5. bear out


To corroborate; to confirm

6. corroborate


Sinonimi: underpin | bear out | support

To support with evidence or authority; make more certain or confirm; SYN. underpin, bear out, support.

7. second


Sinonimi: back | endorse | indorse

To give support or one's blessing to; SYN. back, endorse, indorse.

8. sustain


Sinonimi: keep | maintain

1. To admit as valid.
2. To supply with sustenance; SYN. keep, maintain.

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