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Prevod reči: pobiti

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pobiti [ glagol ]

confute [ glagol ]
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To disprove or overcome through argument.
Prove to be wrong; overcome in argument.

decimate [ glagol ]
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To destroy a considerable part of.
To select by lot and punish with death every tenth man of.
To take the tenth part of; to tithe.
Kill large number of; kill one tenth of; punish by punishing or executing every tenth man chosen by lot.

disprove [ glagol ]
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To prove to be false or wrong; SYN. confute.

invalidate [ glagol ]
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To declare invalid; SYN. annul, quash, void, avoid, nullify.
To show to be invalid; SYN. nullify.
To take away the legal force of or render ineffective; SYN. void, vitiate.

pulverize [ glagol ]
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(Alternate spelling: pulverise).
To reduce of fine powder or dust, as by beating, grinding, or the like.
To triumph decisively over another team, in sports.
Reduce to powder or fragments; grind; smash.

rebut [ glagol ]
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To contradict, meet, or oppose by argument, plea, or countervailing proof.
To drive or beat back; to repulse.

refute [ glagol ]
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To overthrow by argument, evidence, or proof; SYN. rebut, disprove.
To prove to be false or incorrect; SYN. rebut, controvert.
Prove to be false or wrong.

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