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pejzaž [ muški rod ]

Predeo; slika predela, kraj;
Crtež ili slika koja prikazuje izgled jednog kraja, prirodu jednog predela (fr.)

landscape painting [ imenica ]
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Painting genre depicting natural scenery. In China, landscape painting was well established by the 8th century. In the West, it did not emerge as a distinct genre until the early 16th century, although backdrops of natural scenery were used from Roman times. It flourished in 17th-century Holland (Hobbema, Ruisdael) and France (Poussin, Claude Lorrain), in 18th-century Italy (Canaletto, Guardi), and in 19th-century England (Constable, Turner, Cotman). Examples include Hobbema’s The Avenue, Middelharnis 16(National Gallery, London), Constable’s The Haywain 18(National Gallery, London), and Cézanne’s Aix: Rocky Landscape 1885–(Tate Gallery, London).
Altdorfer’s Landscape with a Footbridge about 15(National Gallery, London) is the first true landscape in Western art, although enhancement of the natural setting is evident in earlier works by Giorgione and Patinir.

landscape [ imenica {umetnost} ]
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ETYM Formerly written also landskip.
A genre of art dealing with the depiction of natural scenery; SYN. landscape painting.
A painting depicting an expanse of natural scenery.
An expanse of scenery that can be seen in a single view.

paysage [ imenica ]
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(French) Landscape.

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