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paketna obrada

ženski rodračunari

1. batch processing


1. Execution of a batch file. See also batch file. 2. The practice of acquiring programs and data sets from users, running them one or a few at a time, and then providing the results to the users. 3. The practice of storing transactions for a period of time before they are posted to a master file, typically in a separate operation undertaken at night. Compare transaction processing.
The serial execution of computer programs.
In computing, a system for processing data with little or no operator intervention. Batches of data are prepared in advance to be processed during regular “runs” (for example, each night). This allows efficient use of the computer and is well suited to applications of a repetitive nature, such as a company payroll.
In interactive computing, by contrast, data and instructions are entered while the processing program is running.

2. batch production


System of production where products are completed in stages. For example, in a bakery the dough for a batch of bread is prepared; the whole batch is then allowed to rise; then it is baked. Batch production contrasts with, for example, flow production on a production line or job production.

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