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otkriće [ imenica ]

Izum, pronalazak.

detection [ imenica ]
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ETYM Latin detectio an uncovering, revealing.
The act of detecting something; catching sight of something; SYN. catching, espial, spying, spotting.
The investigation of criminal activities to determine the perpetrator; SYN. detecting, detective work, police investigation, sleuthing.
The perception that something has occurred or some state exists; SYN. sensing.

disclosure [ imenica ]
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Making something evident; SYN. revelation, revealing.

discovery [ imenica ]
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A productive insight; SYN. breakthrough, find.
Something that is discovered.
The act of discovering something; SYN. find, uncovering.
The ship in which Captain Scott, commanding the National Antarctic Expedition in 1900–0sailed to the Antarctic and back. In 198it became a Maritime Trust museum of exploration at St Katharine's Dock, London.

exposure [ imenica ]
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ETYM From Expose.
Presentation to view in an open or public manner.
The act of subjecting someone to an influencing experience.
The disclosure of something secret.
Vulnerability to the elements; to the action of heat or cold or wind or rain; or.
Abandoning without shelter or protection (as by leaving an infant out in the open).
Direction which a window or dwelling faces.
The intensity of light falling on a photographic film or plate.

revelation [ imenica ]
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ETYM French révélation, Latin revelatio. Related to Reveal.
An enlightening or astonishing disclosure.
The unveiling of something hidden, so that its true nature may be seen. In the Bible revelation means God showing himself to be active in human history and as the creator, and it can come through actions or the words of prophets. In Christian belief Jesus Christ is the ultimate revelation of God. In Islam God's most complete and final revelation was that given through Mohammed and recorded as the Koran.

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