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otisak prsta [ muški rod ]

dab [ imenica ]
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A small quantity of something moist or soft; SYN. splash, splatter.
A sudden blow or thrust; poke
A small amount
A gentle touch or stroke; pat
Small marine flatfish of the flounder family, especially the genus Limanda. Dabs live in the N Atlantic and around the coasts of Britain and Scandinavia.
Species include l. limanda which grows to about cm/in, and the American dab l. proboscida, which grows to cm/in. Both have both eyes on the right side of their bodies. The left, or blind, side is white, while the rough-scaled right side is light-brown or gray, with dark-brown spots.

dabs [ N/A ]
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dactylogram [ imenica ]
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fingerprint [ imenica ]
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A clue made by an impression of the ridges in the skin of a finger.
Any identifying characteristic.

thumbprint [ imenica ]
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An impression made by the thumb; especially; a print made by the inside of the first joint
Something that identifies; especially; fingerprint

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