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Prevod reči: osnovna boja

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osnovna boja [ ženski rod ]

primary color [ imenica ]
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Any of a set of colors from which all other colors may be derived.

dead colour [ imenica ]
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primary [ imenica ]
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A preliminary election where delegates or nominees are chosen; SYN. primary election.
One of the main flight feathers projecting along the outer edge of a bird's wing; SYN. primary feather, primary quill.
In presidential election campaigns in the us, a statewide election to decide the candidates for the two main parties. Held in states, primaries begin with New Hampshire in Feb and continue until June; they operate under varying complex rules.
Generally speaking, the number of votes received by a candidate governs the number of delegates who will vote for that person at the national conventions in July/Aug, when the final choice of candidate for both Democratic and Republican parties is made. Some delegates remain loyal to the last ballot, others make deals to benefit the state or local situation as the field of candidates narrows.

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