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Prevod reči: osloniti se

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osloniti se [ glagol ]

depend [ glagol ]
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To be determined, based, or contingent
To be pending or undecided
To place reliance or trust; to be dependent especially for financial support
To hang down
To Elliptical use of:

expect [ glagol ]
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To consider reasonable or due.
To regard something as probable or likely; SYN. anticipate.
To look forward to the probably occurrence of; SYN. look, await, wait.
To look forward to the birth of a child.

recline [ glagol ]
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To lean, incline, rest, etc., to place in a recumbent position
To lean oneself; to place oneself in a recumbent position

rely [ glagol ]
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To be dependent
To have confidence based on experience

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