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osip [ muški rod {medicina} ]

Bubuljica, ospa, ospica, kožno oboljenje.

acne [ imenica {medicina} ]
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ETYM New Lat., prob. a corruption of Greek akme a point.
An inflammatory disease involving the sebaceous glands of the skin; characterized by papules or pustules or comedones.
Skin eruption, mainly occurring among adolescents and young adults, caused by inflammation of the sebaceous glands which secrete an oily substance (sebum), the natural lubricant of the skin. Sometimes the openings of the glands become blocked, causing the formation of pus-filled swellings. Teenage acne is seen mainly on the face, back, and chest.
There are other less common types of acne, sometimes caused by contact with irritant chemicals.

eruption [ imenica ]
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ETYM Latin eruptio, from erumpere, eruptum, to break out; e out + rumpere, to break: cf. French éruption. Related to Rupture.
The emergence of a tooth as it breaks through the gum.
(Of volcanos) Pouring out fumes or lava; SYN. eructation.

hives [ N/A {medicina} ]
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ETYM Scot.; perh. akin to Eng. heave.
A allergic reaction consisting of a severe, itching welts on the skin.

rash [ imenica ]
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A series of unexpected unpleasant occurrences
Any eruption of the skin; SYN. eruption, efflorescence, skin eruption, skin rash.

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