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Prevod reči: omalovažavanje

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omalovažavanje [ imenica ]

belittlement [ imenica ]
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underestimation [ imenica ]
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depreciation [ imenica ]
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ETYM Cf. French dépréciation.
A decrease in price or value over time.
Decrease in value of an asset due to obsolescence or use; SYN. wear and tear.
In economics, the decline of a currency's value in relation to other currencies. Depreciation also describes the fall in value of an asset (such as factory machinery) resulting from age, wear and tear, or other circumstances. It is an important factor in assessing company profits and tax liabilities.

detraction [ imenica ]
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ETYM French détraction, Latin detractio.
A petty disparagement; SYN. petty criticism.
A lessening of reputation or esteem especially by envious, malicious, or petty criticism; belittling, disparagement.
A taking away.

detractiveness [ imenica ]
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disprize [ imenica {arhaično, zastarelo} ]
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Undervalue, scorn

slight [ imenica ]
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An act or an instance of slighting
An instance of being slighted; a humiliating discourtesy

vituperation [ imenica ]
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ETYM Latin vituperatio: cf. Old Fren. vituperation. Related to Vituperate.
The expression of bitter deep-seated ill will; rancor; SYN. invective, vitriol.
Abuse; rejection.

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