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Mera gorivih osobina benzina.

1. cetane number


A measure of the ignition value of a diesel fuel that represents the percentage by volume of cetane in a mixture of liquid methylnaphthalene that gives the same ignition lag as the oil being tested — called also cetane rating

2. cetane rating


3. octane number


Sinonimi: octane rating

A measure of the antiknock properties of gasoline; SYN. octane rating.
A number that is used to measure the antiknock properties of a liquid motor fuel (as gasoline) with a higher number indicating a smaller likelihood of knocking — called also octane rating

4. octane rating


Numerical classification of petroleum fuels indicating their combustion characteristics.
The efficient running of an internal combustion engine depends on the ignition of a gasoline–air mixture at the correct time during the cycle of the engine. Higher-rated gasoline burns faster than lower-rated fuels. The use of the correct grade must be matched to the engine.

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