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okretati se


1. pivot


Sinonimi: swivel

1. To provide with, mount on, or attach by a pivot
2. To cause to pivot
3. To turn on a pivot; SYN. swivel.

2. reel


ETYM Cf. Swed. ragla. Related to Reel.
(Homonym: real).
To wind onto or off a reel.

3. revolve


Sinonimi: go around | rotate

1. To turn on or around an axis or a center; SYN. go around, rotate.
2. To ponder something; to remain under consideration
3. To move in a curved path round a center or axis; to turn or roll round on an axis
4. To have or come to a specified focus; center — usually used with around

4. rotate


1. To cause to turn on an axis or center
2. To exchange on a regular basis
3. To perform a job or duty on a rotating basis

5. swivel


To swing or turn, as on a pin or pivot.

6. twiddle


Sinonimi: fiddle with

ETYM Probably of imitative origin. Related to Tweedle.
To manipulate, as in a nervous or unconscious manner; SYN. fiddle with.

7. wheel


Sinonimi: wheel around | roll | wheel around

1. To change directions as of revolving on a pivot; SYN. wheel around.
2. To move along on or as if on wheels or a wheeled vehicle; SYN. roll.
3. To wheel somebody or something; SYN. wheel around.

8. whirl


Sinonimi: birl | spin | twirl | swirl | tumble | whirl around

1. To cause to spin; SYN. birl, spin, twirl.
2. To fly around, as of paper on the sidewalk, or clothes in a dryer, or rising smoke in the wind; SYN. swirl, tumble, whirl around.

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