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Prevod reči: ograničen

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ograničen [ pridev ]

borné [ pridev ]
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Limited; narrow-minded.

coarctate [ pridev ]
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ETYM Latin coarctatus, p. p. of coarctare to press together; co- + arctare to press together, from arctus, p. p. Related to Arctation.
(Of an insect pupa) Enclosed in a rigid case.
Closely pressed together.

bounded [ pridev ]
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Having the limits or boundaries established; SYN. delimited.

circumscript [ pridev ]
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closed [ pridev ]
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Not open or affording passage or access
Not open to the general public
Shut down
Blocked against entry; SYN. closed in.
Not having an open mind; SYN. unsympathetic.
Requiring union membership
(Mathematics) Of a curve or surface; having no end points or boundary curves; of a set; having members that can be produced by a specific operation on other members of the same set; of an interval; containing both its endpoints.
Used especially of mouth or eyes; SYN. shut.
With shutters closed.
1(Of the wings of birds and insects) Closed together.
In mathematics, descriptive of a set of data for which an operation (such as addition or multiplication) done on any members of the set gives a result that is also a member of the set.
For example, the set of even numbers is closed with respect to addition, because two even numbers added to each other always give another even number.

confined [ pridev ]
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Deprived of liberty; especially placed under arrest or restraint.
Enclosed by a confining fence; SYN. fenced in, penned.
Not free to move about.
Not invading healthy tissue.

constrained [ pridev ]
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Lacking spontaneity; not natural; SYN. forced, strained.

cramp [ pridev ]
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Hard to understand or figure out
Being cramped

curbed [ pridev ]
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encluse [ pridev ]
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finite [ pridev ]
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ETYM Latin finitus, p. p. of finire. Related to Finish, Fine.
Bounded or limited in magnitude or spatial or temporal extent.

illiberal [ pridev ]
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ETYM Latin illiberalis; pref. il- not + liberalis liberal: cf. French illibéral.
Narrow-minded about cherished opinions; SYN. intolerant.

limited [ pridev ]
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Having a specific function or scope; SYN. special.
Including only a part.
Mediocre; SYN. modified.
Not excessive.
Not unlimited
Small in range or scope

meagre [ pridev ]
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Having little flesh; thin
Lacking desirable qualities (as richness or strength); deficient in quality or quantity

narrow [ pridev ]
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Limited in size or scope
Not wide
Very limited in degree

narrow-minded [ pridev ]
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Lacking tolerance or flexibility or breadth of view; SYN. narrow.
Rigidly adhering to a particular sect or its doctrines.

obtuse [ pridev ]
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Lacking in insight or discernment; SYN. purblind.
Of a leaf shape; rounded at the apex.
Of an angle; between and 1degrees.

one-sided [ pridev ]
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Excessively devoted to one faction; SYN. biased. one sided, onesided

parochial [ pridev ]
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ETYM Late Lat. parochialis, from Latin parochia. Related to Parish.
Relating to or supported by or located in a parish.
Local; confined to one region.
Of a parish; narrow, limited, local.

qualified [ pridev ]
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Meeting the proper standards and requirements and training for an office or position or task.
(Law) Legally qualified.
Limited or restricted; not absolute.

reduced [ pridev ]
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Well below normal (especially in price); SYN. rock-bottom.

restrictive [ pridev ]
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ETYM Cf. French restrictif.
Serving to restrict.
(Of tariff) Protective of national interests by restricting imports.

scant [ pridev ]
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Not full, large, or plentiful; scarcely sufficient; meager; not enough.
Skimpy; parsimonious.

scanty [ pridev ]
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Somewhat less than is needed or wanted; insufficient; scant
Lacking size or extent; narrow; small; not abundant.

sheepish [ pridev ]
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Bashful; over-modest; excessively timid.

terminable [ pridev ]
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Possible to terminate or terminating after a designated time

ybound [ pridev ]
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