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Prevod reči: oglašavanje

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oglašavanje [ imenica ]

advertence [ imenica ]
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The process of being heedful; SYN. advertency.

billing [ imenica ]
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Advertising or public promotion (as of a product or personality); also; relative prominence of a name in such promotion
Total amount of business or investments (as of an advertising agency) within a given period

intimation [ imenica ]
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A suspicion or hint.

advertising [ imenica ]
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The business of drawing public attention to goods and services; SYN. advertizing, publicizing.
Any of various methods used by a company to increase the sales of its products or to promote a brand name.
Advertising can be seen by economists as either beneficial (since it conveys information about a product and so brings the market closer to a state of perfect competition) or as a hindrance to perfect competition, since it attempts to make illusory distinctions (such as greater sex appeal) between essentially similar products.

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