odsustvo | srpsko - engleski prevod



Izostanak, neprisutnost, odsuće.

1. absence


ETYM French, from Latin absentia. Related to Absent.
1. Failure to be present.
2. The state of being absent.
3. The time interval during which something or somebody is away.

2. absentia


Used only in the phrase "in absentia"; a state of not being present

3. furlough


ETYM Prob. from Dutch verlof, from a prefix akin to Eng. for + the root of Eng. lief, and akin to Dan. forlov, Swed. förlof, German verlaub permission. Related to Life.
A temporary leave of absence from military duty. Leave, vacation.

4. leave


Sinonimi: leave of absence

ETYM Old Eng. leve, leave, as. leáf; akin to leóf pleasing, dear, Eng. lief, Dutch oorlof leave, German arlaub, and erlauben to permit, Icel. leyfi. Related to Lief.
1. Permission to do something.
2. The period of time during which one is absent from work or duty; SYN. leave of absence.