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Prevod reči: odoleti

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odoleti [ glagol ]

Istrajati, izdržati.

outstay [ glagol ]
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To surpass in staying power

persist [ glagol ]
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To stay behind; SYN. remain, stay.
To be insistent in the repetition or pressing of an utterance (as a question or an opinion)
To continue to exist especially past a usual, expected, or normal time

prevail [ glagol ]
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To be valid, applicable, or true; SYN. hold, obtain.
To cease to exist after resistance or a struggle; SYN. persist, die hard, run, endure.
To prove superior; SYN. triumph.
To use persuasion successfully

weather [ glagol ]
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To change under the action or influence of the weather.
To face or endure with courage; SYN. endure, brave, brave out.
To cause to slope.
To sail to the windward of.

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