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objektno orijentisano programiranje [ imenica {računari} ]

Metod u programiranju kojim se prave zasebni softverski objekti koji se mogu nezavisno koristiti u raznim programima. Iako je za pravljenje objekata potrebno više vremena, mogućnost da se oni ponovo koriste u drugim programima smanjuje ukupno vreme potrebno za programiranje.

object-oriented programming [ imenica {računari} ]
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A programming paradigm in which a program is viewed as a collection of discrete objects that are self-contained collections of data structures and routines that interact with other objects. Acronym: oop. See also C++, object, Objective-C.
(OOP) Computer programming based on “objects”, in which data are closely linked to the procedures that operate on them. For example, a circle on the screen might be an object: it has data, such as a center point and a radius, as well as procedures for moving it, erasing it, changing its size, and so on.
The technique originated with the Simula and Smalltalk languages in the 196and early 1970s, but it has now been incorporated into many general-purpose programming languages.

OOP [ imenica {računari} ]
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See object-oriented programming.