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1. accomplish


1. To bring to an issue of full success; to effect; to perform; to execute fully; to fulfill
2. To equip or furnish thoroughly; hence, to complete in acquirements; to render accomplished; to polish.
3. To gain; to obtain.

2. render


Sinonimi: deliver | return | return | yield | return | give | generate | submit

1. To deliver or hand down (said of a verdict), by a jury; SYN. deliver, return.
2. To cause to become
3. To give back; SYN. return.
4. To give or supply; SYN. yield, return, give, generate.
5. To present formally; SYN. submit.

3. vivify


1. To endue with life; to make to be living; to quicken; to animate.
2. To make alive or vivid; animate; sharpen.

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