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Rožnati deo prsta, rožnata pločica na gornjem kraju prsta.

1. claw


Sinonimi: chela | nipper | pincer | unguis

ETYM AS. clawu, clâ, cleó; akin to Dutch klaauw, German klaue, Icel. klô, Swed. and Dan. klo, and perh. to Eng. clew.
1. A bird's foot that has claws.
2. A structure like a pincer on the limb of a crustacean or other arthropods; SYN. chela, nipper, pincer.
3. Sharp curved horny process on the toe of a bird or some mammals or reptiles; SYN. unguis.
Hard, hooked, pointed outgrowth of the digits of mammals, birds, and most reptiles. Claws are composed of the protein keratin, and grow continuously from a bundle of cells in the lower skin layer. Hooves and nails are modified structures with the same origin as claws.

2. fingernail


The nail at the end of a finger. finger nail

3. nail


ETYM as. naegel, akin to Dutch nagel, Old High Germ. nagal, German nagel, Icel. nagl, nail, nagli nail, Swed. nagel nail, Dan. nagle, Goth. ganagljan to nail, Lith. nagas nail, Russ. nogote, Latin unguis, Skr. nakha.
In biology, a hard, flat, flexible outgrowth of the digits of primates (humans, monkeys, and apes). Nails are composed of keratin.
The horny plate covering and protecting the backs of the fingertips; fingernail.

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