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Prevod reči: nevezan

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nevezan [ pridev ]

dropping [ pridev ]
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Coming down freely under the influence of gravity; SYN. falling.
Falling rapidly
The action of falling or letting fall in drops.
The action of falling or descending vertically; also, of letting anything fall.
The action of discontinuing or abandoning.
Falling, dropping off, dying.
That which drops or falls in drops, as rain, melting wax, etc.; the fat that drops from roasting meat, dripping. (In quot. 13= rheum.)
The waste material cast off from a machine in certain processes of textile manufacture.
Dung of animals. (Now only pl.)
1The eaves from which water drops. Obs.

desultorious [ pridev ]
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desultory [ pridev ]
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ETYM Latin desultorius, from desultor a leaper, from desilire, desultum, to leap down; de + salire to leap. Related to Saltation.
Marked by lack of definite plan or regularity or purpose; jumping from one thing to another.
Jumping from one thing to another; rambling; unplanned.
Aimless; lacking method or application; digressive.

disappendant [ imenica ]
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disappendent [ pridev ]
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disjointed [ pridev ]
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Separated at the joint; SYN. dislocated, separated.
Taken apart at the joints.

unbound [ pridev ]
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Not held in chemical or physical combination.
Not restrained or tied down by bonds.
Not secured within a cover

unbounded [ pridev ]
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Having no bound or limit

unconnected [ pridev ]
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Not connected by birth or family; SYN. not kin.
Not joined or linked together.

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