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nedostatak pigmenata

muški rod

1. albinism


Rare hereditary condition in which the body has no tyrosinase, one of the enzymes that form the pigment melanin, normally found in the skin, hair, and eyes. As a result, the hair is white and the skin and eyes are pink. The skin and eyes are abnormally sensitive to light, and vision is often impaired. The condition occurs among all human and animal groups.
The congenital absence of pigmentation in the eyes and skin and hair.

2. albino


ETYM Spanish or Portu. albino, orig. whitish, from albo white, Latin albus.
A person with albinism: white hair and pink eyes and milky skin.
An organism exhibiting deficient pigmentation; especially; a human being that is congenitally deficient in pigment and usually has a milky or translucent skin, white or colorless hair, and eyes with pink or blue iris and deep-red pupil.

3. albinoism


State or condition of being an albino

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