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1. contamination


Sinonimi: pollution | taint

ETYM Latin contaminatio.
1. The act of contaminating or polluting; including (either intentionally or accidentally) unwanted substances or factors; SYN. pollution.
2. The state of being contaminated; SYN. taint.

2. crudity


1. The quality or state of being crude
2. Something that is crude

3. dirt


Sinonimi: filth | grime | soil | stain | grease

ETYM Old Eng. drit; kin to Icel. drit excrement, drîta to dung, od. drijten to dung, as. gedrîtan.
The state of being covered with unclean things; SYN. filth, grime, soil, stain, grease.
A filthy or soiling substance (as mud, dust, or grime) c archaic; something worthless.

4. dirtiness


Sinonimi: uncleanness

1. The state of being unsanitary; SYN. uncleanness.
2. The state of containing dirty impurities.

5. dross


ETYM AS. dros, from dreósan to fall. Related to Dreary.
1. The scum or refuse matter which is thrown off, or falls from, metals in smelting the ore, or in the process of melting; recrement.
2. Waste matter; any worthless matter separated from the better part; leavings; dregs; refuse.

6. filth


Sinonimi: filthiness | foulness | nastiness

ETYM Old Eng. filthe, fulthe, AS. fileth;, from fűl foul; akin to Old High Germ. fűlida. Related to Foul, File.
A state characterized by foul or disgusting dirt and refuse; SYN. filthiness, foulness, nastiness.

7. filthiness


1. The state of being filthy.
2. That which is filthy, or makes filthy; foulness; nastiness; corruption; pollution; impurity.

8. impurity


Sinonimi: impureness | dross

ETYM Latin impuritas: cf. French impureté.
1. The condition of being impure; SYN. impureness.
2. Worthless material that should be removed; SYN. dross.

9. uncleanliness


1. Lack of cleanly habits.
2. The habit of neglecting cleanliness.

10. uncleanness


Condition of being unclean; untidiness, dirtiness; impurity

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