ne odobravati | srpsko - engleski prevod

ne odobravati


1. deplore


Sinonimi: lament | bewail | bemoan | regret

1. To express strong disapproval of.
2. To regret strongly; SYN. lament, bewail, bemoan, regret.

2. disapprove


Sinonimi: reject

1. To consider bad or wrong.
2. To refuse to approve; SYN. reject.

3. discountenance


1. To look with disfavor on.
2. To show disapproval by discouraging.

4. disprove


Sinonimi: confute

To prove to be false or wrong; SYN. confute.

5. resist


Sinonimi: balk | baulk | jib | hold out | withstand | stand firm | stand

1. To refuse to comply; SYN. balk, baulk, jib.
2. To stand up or offer resistance to somebody or something; SYN. hold out, withstand, stand firm.
3. To withstand the force of something; SYN. stand.

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