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načelnik štaba

muški rod

1. adjutant


Sinonimi: aide | aide-de-camp

ETYM Latin adjutans, p. pr. of adjutare to help. Related to Aid.
An officer who acts as military assistant; SYN. aide, aide-de-camp.
In military usage, the commanding officer's personal staff officer. The adjutant is responsible for discipline in a military unit.

2. chief of staff


The senior officer of a service of the armed forces.
1. The ranking officer of a staff in the armed forces serving as principal adviser to a commander
2. The ranking officer of the army or air force and a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

3. executive


Sinonimi: executive director

1. A person responsible for the administration of a business; SYN. executive director.
2. Persons who administer the law.

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