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Prevod reči: muževan

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muževan [ pridev ]

manful [ pridev ]
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Having or showing courage and resolution

manly [ pridev ]
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Possessing qualities befitting a man; SYN. manful, manlike.

masculine [ pridev ]
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ETYM Latin masculinus, from masculus male, manly, dim. of mas a male: cf. French masculin. Related to Male masculine.
Associated with men and not with women.
Of grammatical gender.
(Music or poetry) Ending on an accented beat or syllable.

soldierly [ pridev ]
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Of or pertaining to a soldier; having the qualities of a soldier, befitting a soldier
(Of persons) Befitting a warrior; SYN. soldierlike, warriorlike, martial.

virile [ pridev ]
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ETYM Latin virilis, from vir a man; akin to AS. wer: cf. French viril. Related to Werewolf, World, Decemvir, Virago, Virtue.
Characterized by energy and vigor.

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