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mio [ pridev ]

LJubak, drag.

amiable [ pridev ]
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ETYM French amiable, Latin amicabilis friendly, from amicus friend, from amare to love. The meaning has been influenced by French aimable, Latin amabilis lovable, from amare to love. Related to Amicable, Amorous, Amability.
Disposed to please; SYN. good-humored, good-humoured.

sweet [ pridev ]
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(Homonym: suite).
One of the four basic taste sensations; very pleasant; like the taste of sugar or honey.
Not having a salty taste; SYN. unsalty.
Having a pleasant taste (as of sugar).
Pleasing to the senses.
(Used of wines) Having a sweet taste.

caressable [ pridev ]
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comely [ pridev ]
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Pleasing or agreeable to the sight; well-proportioned; good-looking; handsome.
Suitable or becoming; proper; agreeable.

dear [ pridev ]
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(Homonym: deer).
Earnest; SYN. devout, earnest, heartfelt.
With or in a close or intimate relationship; SYN. good, near.

delicious [ pridev ]
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ETYM Old Fren. delicieus, French délicieux, Latin deliciosus, from deliciae delight, from delicere to allure. Related to Delight.
Affording exquisite pleasure; delightful; most sweet or grateful to the senses, especially to the taste; charming.
Addicted to pleasure; seeking enjoyment; luxurious; effeminate.

disarming [ pridev ]
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Capable of allaying hostility.
Capable of allaying suspicion or hostility and inspiring confidence.

endearing [ pridev ]
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Arousing love or affection

gentle [ pridev ]
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Having or showing a kindly or tender nature
Quiet and soothing
Soft and mild; not harsh or stern or severe

pleasant [ pridev ]
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ETYM French plaisant. Related to Please.
Affording pleasure; being in harmony with one's taste or likings.
Pleasant in manner or behavior.

precious [ pridev ]
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ETYM Old Fren. precious, precius, precios, French précieux, Latin pretiosus, from pretium price, worth, value. Related to Price.
Of high worth or cost.

pretty [ pridev ]
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Pleasing by delicacy or grace; not imposing

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