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muški rod

1. banker


ETYM See the nouns Bank and the verbs derived from them.
1. Someone who owns or is an executive in a bank.
2. The person in charge of the bank in a gambling game.

2. changer


3. commutator


For reversing the direction of an electric current.
Electricity, device transforming alternating current produced by dynamo into direct current, especially segmented drum bearing brushes which collect the current.
Device in a DC (direct-current) electric motor that reverses the current flowing in the armature coils as the armature rotates.
A DC generator, or dynamo, uses a commutator to convert the AC (alternating current) generated in the armature coils into DC. A commutator consists of opposite pairs of conductors insulated from one another, and contact to an external circuit is provided by carbon or metal brushes.

4. exchanger


Sinonimi: money changer

One whose business is to exchange the money of one country for that of another country; SYN. money changer.

menjač | srpsko - engleski prevod


muški rodmehanika

1. gearbox


Sinonimi: gear case

The metal casing in which a train of gears is sealed; SYN. gear case. gear-box, gear box

2. switchgear


switch gear

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