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1. agitate


Sinonimi: rouse | charge | commove | excite | charge up | disturb | commove | shake up | stir up | raise up | foment | stir up

1. To cause to be agitated, excited, or roused; SYN. rouse, charge, commove, excite, charge up.
2. To change the arrangement or position of; SYN. disturb, commove, shake up, stir up, raise up.
3. To try to stir up public opinion; SYN. foment, stir up.
4. Cause to be agitated, excited, or roused
5. Exert oneself continuously, vigorously, or obtrusively to gain an end or engage in a crusade for a certain cause or person; be an advocate for
6. Move very slightly
7. Move or cause to move back and forth

2. alloy


To make an alloy of (metals).

3. blend


Sinonimi: go | blend in | intermix | immingle | intermingle | mix | conflate | commingle | immix | fuse | coalesce | meld | combine | merge

ETYM AS. blendan, from blind blind. Related to Blind.
In illustration and other graphics software, to create a new combined graphic from two or more separate graphic elements. Photos, art, colors, shapes, and text may be blended together digitally. Graphic elements may be blended for artistic effect, or may be realistic enough to appear as a single photo or graphic.
1. To blend or harmonize; SYN. go, blend in.
2. To combine into one; SYN. intermix, immingle, intermingle.
3. To mix together different elements; SYN. mix, conflate, commingle, immix, fuse, coalesce, meld, combine, merge.

4. co-meddle


5. commix


1. Mingle, blend.
2. To become mingled or blended

6. conflate


1. Blend or fuse together.
2. To combine (as two readings of a text) into a composite whole

7. confound


To confuse, frustrate or bedevil.

8. interlard


To vary by intermixture; intersperse, interlace

9. knead


Sinonimi: work

(Homonym: need).
To make uniform, as of dough or clay; SYN. work.

10. meddle


Sinonimi: tamper

(Homonym: medal).
To intrude in other people's affairs or business; interfere unwantedly; SYN. tamper.

11. merge


To mix together, or to fuse together -- especially said of groups or companies

12. mingie

glagolarhaično, zastarelo

13. mingle


To get involved or mixed-up with

14. stir


Sinonimi: toss | shift | budge | agitate

1. To agitate; SYN. toss.
2. To move very slightly; SYN. shift, budge, agitate.
3. To move with a stirring motion

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