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muški rod

1. dot


Sinonimi: dit

1. A small spot; speck
2. A small round mark: as a (1); a small point made with a pointed instrument (2); a small round mark used in orthography or punctuation; a centered point used as a multiplication sign (as in 6 y 5 = 30) c (1); a point after a note or rest in music indicating augmentation of the time value by one half (2); a point over or under a note indicating that it is to be played staccato
3. A precise point especially in time
4. The shorter of the two telegraphic signals used in Morse code; SYN. dit.

2. little


A small amount or duration

3. sprat


Sinonimi: brisling

ETYM Old Eng. sprot, sprotte, Dutch sprot; akin to German sprotte.
Small fatty European fish; usually smoked or canned like sardines; SYN. brisling.
A small European marine fish (Sprattus sprattus) of the herring family — called also brisling.
Any of various small or young fish (as an anchovy) of the herring family.

4. tot


A term of endearment to a little child.
Bone or other object retrieved from garbage pile.

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