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letak [ muški rod ]

Propagandni listić.

fly-sheet [ imenica ]
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A small loose advertising sheet; handbill
A sheet of a folder, booklet, or catalog giving directions for the use of or information about the material that follows

leaflet [ imenica ]
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One of the divisions of a compound leaf; a small or young foliage leaf; part of a compound leaf.
A leaflike organ or part
A usually folded printed sheet intended for free distribution

pamphlet [ imenica ]
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ETYM Old Eng. pamflet, pamfilet, paunflet, possibly from Old Fren. palme the palm of the hand, French paume (see Palm) + Old Fren. fueillet a leaf, dim. of fueil, m., French feuille, f., from Latin folium.
A small book consisting of a few sheets of printed paper, stitched together, often with a paper cover, but not bound; a short essay or written discussion, usually on a subject of current interest.
A writing, usually political in nature.

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