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kovano gvožđe [ imenica ]

Legura čelika sa malo ugljenika.

wrought iron [ imenica ]
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Iron having a low carbon content that is tough and malleable and so can be forged and welded.
Fairly pure iron containing some beads of slag, widely used for construction work before the days of cheap steel. It is strong, tough, and easy to machine. It is made in a puddling furnace, invented by Henry Colt in England 178Pig iron is remelted and heated strongly in air with iron ore, burning out the carbon in the metal, leaving relatively pure iron and a slag containing impurities. The resulting pasty metal is then hammered to remove as much of the remaining slag as possible. It is still used in fences and grating. wrought-iron

kovano gvozđe [ imenica ]

blackwork [ imenica ]
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