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konstitucija [ ženski rod ]

Ustav, osnovni državni zakon; ustanovljenje, određivanje; anat. skup svih telesnih i duševnih osobina jednog čoveka, telesni sastav, građa tela, telesni sklop; hem. unutrašnji sastav hemijskih jedinjenja; raspored atoma u molekulu. (lat.)

constitution [ imenica ]
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Body of fundamental laws of a state, laying down the system of government and defining the relations of the legislature, executive, and judiciary to each other and to the citizens. Since the French Revolution almost all countries (the UK is an exception) have adopted written constitutions; that of the US (178is the oldest.
The proliferation of legislation during the 1970s, often carried on the basis of a small majority in the Commons and by governments elected by an overall minority of votes, led to demands such as those by the organization Charter for the introduction of a written constitution as a safeguard for the liberty of the individual.

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