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Prevod reči: konkurencija

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konkurencija [ ženski rod ]

Suparništvo, takmičenje, nadmetanje, utakmica; takmičenje više osoba (npr. za raspisanu nagradu, položaj i sl.);
Borba robnih proizvođača za realizaciju roba. Ako je ponuda robe veća od potražnje, onda konkurencija besni među vlasnicima robe; uspeva se niskim cenama (dakle višom proizvodnošću rada) i kvalitetom robe. Slabiji proizivođači propadaju. Ako je ponuda robe manja od potražnje, onda se konkurencija prenosi na stranu potražnje. Kupci se nadmeću u nabijanju cena, a prodavci imaju neki vid monopola. (lat.)

competency [ imenica ]
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A sufficiency of means for the necessities and conveniences of life
The quality or state of being competent: as the properties of an embryonic field that enable it to respond in a characteristic manner to an organizer; readiness of bacteria to undergo genetic transformation
The knowledge that enables a person to speak and understand a language — compare performance

competition [ imenica ]
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ETYM Latin competition. Related to Compete.
In ecology, the interaction between two or more organisms, or groups of organisms (for example, species), that use a common resource which is in short supply. Competition invariably results in a reduction in the numbers of one or both competitors, and in evolution contributes both to the decline of certain species and to the evolution of adaptations.
Thus plants may compete with each other for sunlight, or nutrients from the soil, while animals may compete among themselves for food, water, or refuge.
A business relation in which two parties compete to gain customers.
The act of competing as for profit or a prize; SYN. contention, rivalry.

concurrence [ imenica ]
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ETYM French, competition, equality of rights, from Late Lat. concurrentia competition.
The temporal property of two things happening at the same time; SYN. coincidence, conjunction, co-occurrence.
Acting together as of agents or circumstances or events.
Agreement of results or opinions.
A state of cooperation; SYN. meeting of minds.

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