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1. clew


ETYM Old Eng. clewe, clowe, clue, AS. cleowen, cliwen, clywe ball of thread.
(Homonym: clue).
A ball of yarn or cord or thread.
Corner of sail with hole to attach ropes.
Corner of sail to which ropes are attached.

2. clue


Sinonimi: clew | cue

(Homonym: clew).
Evidence that helps to solve a problem; SYN. clew, cue.

3. hank


ETYM Cf. Dan. hank handle, Swed. hank a band or tie, Icel. hanki hasp, clasp, hönk, hangr, hank, coil, skein, German henkel, henk, handle; all prob. akin to Eng. hang. Related to Hang.
Loops of rope or wool or yarn.
Series of rings or clips for attaching a jib or staysail to a stay.

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