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1. ball


Sinonimi: globe | orb | clod | glob | lump | clump | chunk

(Homonym: bawl).
1. A spherical object used as a plaything.
2. Any object with a spherical shape; SYN. globe, orb.
3. A more or less rounded body or mass; ball of the human foot or ball at the base of the thumb.
4. A compact mass; SYN. clod, glob, lump, clump, chunk.
5. A lavish formal dance.
6. (Baseball) A pitch that is not in the strike zone.
7. Round object that is hit or thrown or kicked in games.

2. clew


ETYM Old Eng. clewe, clowe, clue, AS. cleowen, cliwen, clywe ball of thread.
(Homonym: clue).
A ball of yarn or cord or thread.
Corner of sail with hole to attach ropes.
Corner of sail to which ropes are attached.

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