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Prevod reči: klešta

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klešta [ ženski rod ]

clencher [ imenica ]
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clincher [ imenica ]
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A point or fact or remark that settles something conclusively; SYN. decisive factor.
An argument that is conclusive; SYN. determiner, determining factor.

pincers [ N/A ]
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Pliers, tongs; tweezers, forceps

tongs [ N/A ]
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Any of various devices for taking hold of objects; usually have two hinged legs with handles above and pointed hooks below; SYN. pair of tongs.

tweezers [ N/A ]
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Small pinchers used to pluck out hairs, and for other purposes.
Any of various small metal instruments that are usually held between the thumb and index finger, are used for plucking, holding, or manipulating, and consist of two legs joined at one end

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