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kišni mantil

muški rododevanje

1. mackintosh


Sinonimi: macintosh

A lightweight waterproof, usually rubberized, fabric; SYN. macintosh. Lightweight rubberized waterproof cotton
Waterproof coat created in the 19th century, made from a waterproof woolen fabric, patented 1823 by Charles Macintosh, and Charles Goodyear's vulcanized rubber, created 1839. The first mackintoshes of the late 19th century were neck-to-ankle garments. In the 20th century the mackintosh was redesigned to create styles such as the trenchcoat, a belted calf-length coat based on military coats, and raincoat, a lightweight version of the mackintosh. Fabric inventions have since enabled manufacturers to create waterproof coats from synthetic blends.

2. waterproof


Any fabric impervious to water.

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