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jednačina [ ženski rod {matematika} ]

equation [ imenica {matematika} ]
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A mathematical statement that indicates equality with the use of an equal sign (=) between two expressions. In programming languages, assignment statements are written in equation form. See also assignment statement.
In mathematics, expression that represents the equality of two expressions involving constants and/or variables, and thus usually includes an equals sign (=). For example, the equation A = pr2 equates the area A of a circle of radius r to the product pr2.
The algebraic equation y = mx + c is the general one in coordinate geometry for a straight line.
If a mathematical equation is true for all variables in a given domain, it is sometimes called an identity and denoted by ş.
Thus (x + y)2 ş x2 + 2xy + y2 for all x, y Î R.
An indeterminate equation is an equation for which there is an infinite set of solutions—for example, = y. A diophantine equation is an indeterminate equation in which the solution and terms must be whole numbers (after Diophantus of Alexandria, c. AD 250).

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