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Prevod reči: jahač

Smer prevoda: srpski > engleski

jahač [ muški rod ]

equestrian [ imenica ]
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One who rides on horseback.

horseman [ imenica {N/A} ]
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(Irregular plural: horsemen).
A man skilled in equitation; SYN. equestrian, horseback rider.
A person who breeds and cares for horses; SYN. horse fancier.

rider [ imenica ]
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A clause that is appended to a legislative bill.
A traveler who rides (as on a horse or bicycle).

ridge [ imenica ]
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ETYM Old Eng. rigge the back, as. hrycg; akin to Dutch rug, German rücken, Old High Germ. rucki, hrukki, Icel. hryggr, Swed. rugg, Dan. ryg.
A beam laid along the ridge of a roof; provides attachment for upper end of rafters; SYN. ridgepole, rooftree.
A long narrow natural elevation or striation.
A long narrow range of hills.
Any long raised strip.

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