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1. calculation


Sinonimi: deliberation | computation | figuring | reckoning | computation

ETYM Old Eng. calculation, from Latin calculatio; cf. Old Fren. calcucation.
1. Planning something carefully and intentionally; SYN. deliberation.
2. Problem solving that involves numbers or quantities; SYN. computation, figuring, reckoning.
3. The procedure of calculating; determining something by mathematical or logical methods; SYN. computation.

2. calcule


3. calculus


Sinonimi: the calculus | infinitesimal calculus

ETYM L, calculus. Related to Calculate, and Calcule.
1. A stone produced by concretion of mineral salts; found in hollow organs or ducts of the body.
2. The branch of mathematics that is concerned with limits and with the differentiation and integration of functions; SYN. the calculus, infinitesimal calculus.
Another name for a stone formed in the body, notably in the gall bladder (see gallstone) or urinary tract. It may need to be removed surgically or by ultrasound (lithotripsy).
Medicine, stonelike concretion.
Mathematics, method of calculation. calculary.

4. computation



ETYM Latin computatio: cf. French computation.
1. The act or process of computing; calculation; reckoning.
2. The result of computation; the amount computed. SYN. Reckoning; calculation; estimate; account.

5. reckoning


Sinonimi: tally

1. The act or an instance of reckoning: as account, bill; computation ; calculation of a ship's position
2. A settling of accounts
3. A summing up
4. A bill for an amount due; SYN. tally.

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