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1. smash


Sinonimi: dash | nail | boom | blast

1. To break into pieces, as by striking or knocking over; SYN. dash.
2. To hit hard; SYN. nail, boom, blast.

2. squeeze


1. To press firmly
2. To exert pressure especially on opposite sides of; compress; to extract or emit under pressure; to force or thrust by compression
3. To get by extortion; to deprive by extortion; to cause economic hardship to; to reduce the amount of
4. To crowd into a limited area
5. To gain or win by a narrow margin
6. To force (another player) to discard in bridge so as to unguard a suit
7. To score by means of a squeeze play
8. To give way before pressure
9. To exert pressure; also; to practice extortion or oppression
10. To force one's way
11. To pass, win, or get by narrowly

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