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Prevod reči: ispitati

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ispitati [ glagol ]

Proveriti, istražiti.

enquire [ glagol ]
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(Informal) To simplify.

examine [ glagol ]
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To observe carefully or inspect.
To question closely.

inquire [ glagol ]
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To ask a question; to seek for truth or information by putting queries.
To seek to learn anything by recourse to the proper means of knoledge; to make examination.

inspect [ glagol ]
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To look over carefully

investigate [ glagol ]
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To conduct an inquiry of
To investigate scientifically:; SYN. look into.

overhaul [ glagol ]
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To make repairs or adjustments to; SYN. modernize.

peruse [ glagol ]
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To examine or consider with attention and in detail
Read through thoroughly.

scan [ glagol ]
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To examine hastily; SYN. skim, rake, glance over, run down.
To glance over or read superficially.
To make a wide, sweeping search of
To move a light beam over; in electronics, to reproduce an image.
To examine minutely or intensely.
To read metrically
To conform to a metrical pattern; said of poetic verse.

search [ glagol ]
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To search or seek; SYN. look.
To subject to a search
To try to locate or discover, or try to establish the existence of; SYN. seek, look for.

sift [ glagol ]
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To put through a sieve; to separate or separate out by or as if by putting through a sieve
To go through especially to sort out what is useful or valuable — often used with through
To scatter by or as if by sifting
To use a sieve
To pass or fall as if through a sieve

take a view of [ glagol ]
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try [ glagol ]
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To make an effort or attempt; SYN. seek, attempt, essay, assay.
To test the limits of; SYN. strain, stress.
To give pain or trouble to
To melt (fat, lard, etc.) in order to separate out impurities; SYN. render.

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